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drink coffee & make friends

Kalamazoo Small groups - Ladies Friday Morning Cof

Looking forward to seeing old and new friends. RSVPs appreciated.

The Kalamazoo Knitting and Crocheting Meetup Group Weekly Meetup

The Kalamazoo Knitting and Crocheting Meetup Group

Pay no attention to the RSVP list. We have many regulars, and there are always way more people attending than Meetup says there will be. :-)

Monday morning walk on the Portage Bicentennial Trail

The Kzoo Walkers and Hikers Meetup Group

Join us for a weekly Monday morning walk and start off your week well........we meet at 10:00 am and walk for an hour to an hour and a half, rotating between five places. The five places are 1. West Lake Nature Preserve, Eliason Nature Preserve...

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